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Now, the break is valid during on-duty functions as long as you are not driving. Drivers can now legally take a 30-minute DOT break while: Depending on your ruleset, you may be required to take a 30 minute break for every 8 hours of ON duty time. The best way to handle this is to schedule your break 6 – 8 hours into your shift. This optimizes your time so that you only have to take one 30-minute break in your day. If you take your break early, you may have to take two breaks.

Hos 8 hour break

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When you finish your break and switch back to Driving or On Duty, an 8-hour clock will begin the countdown. Before completing these 8 hours, you must change to Off Duty or Sleeper and take a break that lasts at least 30 minutes. This balance constitutes the 8-hour Rule for truck drivers. What Does the HOS 8-Hour Break Entail? The rule stipulates that a driver must stop driving and take a 30-minute break before they enter their eighth hour of driving.

been on duty 70 hours in any eight consecutive days.

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If you break a short haul exemption after the 8th hour, then you need to take the 30-minute rest break prior to your 14th hour on-duty and notate your log with an explanation of why you didn’t take that break earlier. 2021-04-01 A: To be counted as a valid break (for compliance with the 8-hour/30-minute rule), it must be logged "off duty" or "sleeper berth." Any time that must be logged as "on duty" based on the definition of "on duty time" in section 395.2 cannot count as a valid break (except in the case of certain drivers transporting explosives who must "attend" the cargo and can use attendance time as their break). 8 hours, 30-minute break. According to HOS regulations, Commercial truck drivers are required to take a break of at least 30 minutes after driving continuously for 8 hours.

Hos 8 hour break

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Hos 8 hour break

The FMCSA issued major revisions to the hours-of-service rules on April 28, 2003 driver does not drive more than eight total hours on a duty day, no break will  Rest Breaks. Property-carrying drivers (other than drivers using short-haul exceptions) must take a 30-minute break during the first 8 hours of any  This regulation is found in Section 395.3(a)(3).

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Hos 8 hour break

The new 14 begins after the FIRST qualifying break, but not until you have completed the second qualifying break.

A driver is exempt from the requirements.
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Explanation: This is another example of the limit on consecutive hours of driving and necessary rest breaks. A driver may drive only if 8 hours or less have passed since the end of the driver’s last off- duty period of at least 30 minutes. Rather, an 8 hour break simply extends your time by not counting the break against your 14 hour duty clock. The concept is confusing, but it's actually very simple. Here are some examples.